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Can portable ladders have the CE marking?

Portable ladders must comply the EN131 norm, implemented by Ministirial Decree 23.03.2000 recalled in the D.lgs 81/2008 art. 113. The european norm EN131 is not a guideline, therefore the CE marking is not applicable on ladders. The unauthorized use of CE marking is punishable by law.

Is it possible to ask the manufacturer a copy of the product certificate?

Each end user can ask the manufacturer a copy of the product certificate. ATTENTION! It’s not enough to receive the trials certificate, but you need necessarily the compliance certificate, the only document proving that the product test has been overcome.

What does it mean: certificate issued by official laboratory?

It’ is a product certificate issued by an independent institute from the manufacurer, who checks the product compliance to the reference norm. The certification institute periodically controls the quality and compliance of the production to the certified product.

Is the marking EN131 enough to be sure of the product certification?

If you want to be sure to buy a EN131 certified product, you have to verify the existence of the following requirements

– Label with the words EN131 followed by the certification number and the logo or name of the institute that issued the certification
– Pictograms with allowed uses and prohibitions
– Product type, weight, main sizes
– Year, month or lot of production
– Manufacturer or distributor name and address
– Users and mainteinance manual