Patents & Certificates

Our patents – your legal rights protection

As you know as a professional in ladders, the market is full of telescopic ladders, which show up as cheap, unsafe or false products, mostly produced in Asia. Often there is a dubious manufacturer behind, who makes it look like a quality product, but without good quality and sufficient product liability.

Sale and use of such products can cause serious consequences for the vendor. After the sale you are product liability responsible in case of any accident. This may cost you several times your profit…

FACAS is one of the very few telescopic ladder manufacturers with patents.

Our ladders are tested and certified – for you as a distributor this means product liability.

FACAS is registered and based in Denmark, which is a European Union country – with contact persons and ladder specialists, which are accessible for you too, if you’ve got questions.

At any time you are welcome to contact us for confirmation of our patents, designs and actual certificates. We are looking forward to hearing from you.