Portable ladders shall comply with EN131 European norm

Which is made up by seven sections.

EN131: it is the European reference norm for portable ladders. It is divided into seven sections and the first three are the most relevant:

EN131-1 describes the different types of ladders and the compulsory sizes for each type.

EN131-2 describes the compulsory product tests.

EN131-3 defines the standards on product marking.

EN131-4 concerns Ladders. Single or multiple hinge-joint ladders.

EN131-6 concerns Telescopic ladders – This European Standard specifies the general design features, requirements and test methods and defines terms for leaning and standing telescopic ladders. Ladders with extension elements are not covered by this part of EN 131.

The maximum load of an EN131 product is 150 static Kg. It is the same, both for professional and domestic products.

Possible third party certification marks attest that there has been a control by an independent institute from the manufacturer. This is to verify periodically the quality of the product.

EN14183: it is the European reference norm for stepstools.

EN1004: it is the European reference norm for professional scaffoldings.